Library Rules

  • Please be respectful of others at all times.
  • Please use hushed voices as to not disturb other readers. If you are studying together, that is ok, just try to be aware of those around you.
  • Absolutely no mobile phone conversations within the reading room.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed within the reading room.
  • If you take a book or game off a shelf, please put it back when you are finished, or give it to the nearest staffer.
  • Be curious and have fun learning!

Have More Questions About How This Works?

The short answer is…everyone!  We want this library to be a center of learning for the entire community.  So if you have a curious mind, why not stop by to meet the staff and learn more about our reading room?

For now, we only have a small selection of books for weekly lending.  In order to borrow a book, it must be a rent-eligible title and you must be in possession of a library card.  If you do “take out” a book, it must be returned within one week or future borrowing may be prohibited.  We do this so that certain titles are accessible to as many people possible. 

It is a simple (and free!) process.  If you become a regular visitor to our reading room and have some form of official identification, you are eligible for a free library card.  With this card, you are then allowed to check out select titles from the library! But worry not – you do not need a card to study a book in the reading room. 

We gather books from many generous donors and sources.  We have a large selection of stories for children, who are free to read the books for as long as they would like within our reading room.  We also carry reference books and some fiction and non-fiction titles, some of which are available for borrowing.  The fact is we are a growing library in its earliest stages, so the catalog of books is constantly growing.  We encourage you to stop in often to discover new arrivals!

Just walk in!  Don’t be shy.  If you are unfamiliar with the titles, feel free to have a browse and even read a few pages.  Take a random book off the shelf and just start reading!  As we all know, one cannot judge a book by its cover!  In some cases, certain staff members might even have recommendations or favorites to suggest.