Classes & Events

ONGOING: Sewing & Dressmaking Clinics For The Disabled

Gifty & Patrick
Lead Lecturers
  • Check with Staff for Scheduling

This series of classes and lectures is the cornerstone of the library’s operations.  Led by the Ghana Federation of the Disabled, this class is designed to give those among us with disabilities the skills and training needed to earn a living and develop important life management skills.   Space  for this program will be limited.  For more information about this classes please stop by the library and ask for Patrick or Gifty!

SUMMER 2020: Health & Guidance For New Mothers

The Yonkofa Project & GHS
Lead Lecturers
  • Date TO BE ANNOUNCED IN 2020

The Yonkofa Project is an NGO with a long history of providing medical care in Enchi and surrounding areas (and is the driving force behind this library). This collaboration with Ghana Health Services and medical volunteers will give new and expecting mothers some key advice and guidance during this important time.  Space will be limited & subject to change/cancellation. 

SUMMER 2020: Website Administration With WordPress

Bonfyre Concepts & The Yonkofa Project
Lead Lecturers
  • Date to be announced in 2020

This introductory series of lectures will expose attendees to some of the basics of website building using the WordPress platform.  Do not worry if you do not have a lot of technical experience, as this class will focus on the introduction of high-level concepts and administrative processes using basic HTML, CSS and WordPress functionality. Space to this TBD program will be limited & subject to change/cancellation..