Welcome to a library & learning center committed to nurturing all curious minds & avid readers, young and old.
About our library

We are more than a library.

Working in partnership with local organizations, community leaders, The Yonkofa Project, Ghana Health Services, and other key partners (Hola, Bonfyre Concepts!), we provide much-needed skills training to the most vulnerable & curious among us.  Furthermore, our library offers special learning opportunities and group education events throughout the year.

It's about more than access to books.

Why visit us?

Our Books & Reading Room

We have a growing catalog of books to meet nearly every need and interest. Check out a book with your library card or use our reading room to review reference & academic texts!

Training & Education

Whether you are participating in the skills training for those with disabilities, or are looking to learn a new topic of interest, our catalog of programs might surprise you!

Community (and fun!)

Our library can be a meeting place for like-minded individuals and eager minds looking to learn more about themselves and the world around them! You might even make a new friend!

Upcoming events

Attend one of our lectures or classes

ONGOING: Sewing & Dressmaking Clinics For The Disabled

SUMMER 2020: Health & Hygiene For New Mothers & Babies

SUMMER 2020: Website Administration With WordPress

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fun, learning & community in the center of the city

Come visit us!


We are still working on regular operating hours and developing programs, but if you see the door open and you are ready to learn, just walk in!  Not sure what we do or how we operate, please do no hesitate to stop in, ask some questions, and see for yourself! 

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  • Find Us on Nana brentu street in enchi
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